USNA Parent Club Chapter Leadership

Meet the Chapter Leadership

Lift the anchor, hoist the sails, stay abreast and all support starts at home, so get involved!


Vice Presidents: Terry Yip (2018) & Sharon Pentaleri (2017, 2019, 2021)

Treasurer: Marla Stremmel (2019)

Secretary: Cheryl Keller (2018)


Committees and Volunteer Opportunities

Visiting Team Visits                             Chair – Cyndi Thatcher

                                                                 Co-Chair – Margaret Schrader

Welcome Aboard Picnic                      Chair –  Cindy Mattingly

                                                                 Co-Chair–  Frances Bonilla

I-Day                                                        Chair – Terry Yip

                                                                 Co-Chair – Sharon Pentaleri & Rebecca Creed

All Service Academy Ball                    Chair – OPEN

                                                                 Co-Chair – OPEN

Care Packages                                      Co-Chairs – Marla Stremmel and Annette Mattiace

Commissioning Presentation           Chair – Gene Lampp & Pete Cummings

Website                                                  Co-Chairs – Cyndi Thatcher and Marla Stremmel

Facebook                                               Co-Chairs – Terry Rodriguez-Yip and Cheryl Keller

Fundraising                                           Chair – Pete Cummings

Midshipmen Birthday Card                Co- Chairs – Liz Zirkle and Laurie Kindon

Parent Socials                                       Chair – Cyndi Thatcher/Terry Yip